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Online store, ROService.co is an emerging online store where one can buy RO water Purifiers and their accessories.  

Water is essential for living organism. These days the quality of drinking water is declining due to water pollution. Many times we get ill due to water-borne ailments. Water Purifier has now become essential need of our kitchen. Water Filtration System ensures to clean the water by removing physical, chemical and micro biological impurities from them. 

Different Water Purifier have different technologies to purify water, some use RO or UV technologies along with other filter cartridges to maintain the minerals in the water which may get lost due to water purification. 

Our Online shop, ROService.co, offers high quality RO water Purifier and other service parts at competitive prices.  One can also buy replacement filters, from our online store, which we need to change in our water purifiers regularly to maintain the quality of water purifiers. 

All water Purifiers available in our Online shop are made of food grade plastic for retaining the purity of the water. 

We always make sure that we provide one with the best “Online Shopping Experience”.

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